fisherman’s story

Started fishing at about 3 years old. Learned to fish from John, Sr. He was not a sophisticated fisherman, but he did recognize fishing as a great diversion. He had learned from his father and they were basically sit-on-the bank fishermen. I obviously started fishing under their tutorage (note home page picture).

As I grew older I liked to fish for trout and bass. I was using bait and spinners.

By the time I was 14, I was experimenting with various other artificial lures including flies. I, by this time, was tying some of my own flies.

The next change in my fishing occurred as I learned to do serious bass fishing. This included lure selection and the effect of weather on bass fishing. This peaked as I reached 50.

I still enjoy bass fishing, especially with a fly rod, but steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie tributary streams is my favorite fishing. Unfortunately, this fishing is seasonal during the winter months. But, struggling with the weather makes the fish that are caught, all the more to be prized.